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Kostas Rigatos
Was born in Athens
Greece, in 1972

A chance discovery of an old Agfa Optima in the family’s summer house loft was the event that triggered his fascination with photography at the tender age of twelve.

The abundance of stimuli for photographic exploration provided by the Greek landscape was further enhanced by the discovery of the almighty power of the camera lens.
It was this combination that led him to the decision that this field is where he belonged, personally and professionally.

Till his early twenties, photography was a means of personal expression .
But the subjects to be addressed were multiplying and the inner need was calling out for further exploration.
He thus decided that it was time to take all this self-attained knowledge to a professional level.
Focus–School of Art Photography,Video & New Technologies was the place where knowledge and his passion as a photographer came together in an orderly manner.

Ever since, he has turned his passion into a profession and has undertaken a wide variety of photographic assignments, both in Greece and abroad.
His international photographic ventures have enabled him to evolve and develop expertise in several fields as they have included coverage of major events, portrait and macro photography.

His endeavors as photographer have in no way tarnished his passion for photographing a dramatic sunset or a quaint landscape just out of passion and self fulfillment.

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