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All About Me

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Current Residence: Under A Talking Tree

Favourite genre of music: My unspoken thoughts .

Favourite style of art: Nature's

Operating System: None,I Have Become Comfortably Numb...


Personal Thoughts:

We all die with our deepest secrets ...unrevealed...


Yesterday's Reality ,Tomorrow's Past


Shadows of the past... truth of the present...hopes of (for) tomorrow.


Words are very unnecessary

They can only do harm


All of my life I've tried so hard Doing my best with what I had Nothing much happened all the same

Something about me stood apart A whisper of hope that seemed to fail Maybe I'm born right out of my time Breaking my life in two

Now that I've really got a chance Throw me tomorrow

Only for you I don't regret


Ghosts in the photograph

never lied to me...


Don't say words you're gonna regret

Don't let the fire rush to your head


It doesn't matter how your photo is look like...

But It Does matter to remember how you shoot it ...


Rich people do art,poor people struggle to survive,

everybody else just paying the two others above...

Favourite Visual Artist

Salvador Dali,Leonardo Da Vinci,Luigi Colani

Favourite Movies

My Alternative Realities In Parallel Universes

Favourite TV Shows

Star Trek

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists


Favourite Books

Askitiki:The Saviors of God

Favourite Writers

Nikos Kazantzakis,Konstantinos Kavafis

Favourite Games

My Life

Favourite Gaming Platform

My Brain

Tools of the Trade

Desires,Thoughts,Forgiveness,Trust ,And Occasionaly Cold Dishes Of Revence

Other Interests

To Be Born Again,In The Far Future ,Remembering This Past

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